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Field Notes: Out of the Shadows

One of the inter­est­ing things about start­ing a new research project is its uncer­tain­ty. You’re not yet sure what you think about the issues you’re about to explore. I was remind­ed of this recent­ly when, with col­leagues here at the Cen­ter, I start­ed work on a project on undoc­u­ment­ed patients in the U.S. health care […]

Press Release

10/11/2011 (Gar­ri­son, NY) The Hast­ings Cen­ter is explor­ing the eth­i­cal chal­lenges that clin­i­cians and orga­ni­za­tions face when pro­vid­ing med­ical care to undoc­u­ment­ed immi­grants in the Unit­ed States. The project is sup­port­ed by a grant from the Over­brook Foun­da­tion Domes­tic Human Rights Pro­gram. Most of the esti­mat­ed 11 mil­lion undoc­u­ment­ed res­i­dents of the U.S. have no […]